September 11th Dinner Meeting: Ethics and Trust in the Digital Age


Artificial intelligence is exposing new fields of data analytics to ethics and compliance executives. New programs can monitor in real-time all employee expenses, communication and online interactions. This raises a new challenge for ethics and integrity executives as decisions will need to be taken about the ethical boundary between privacy and monitoring of employees. In this thought-provoking discussion, you will hear about the potential for new AI tools to drastically increase the opportunity for risk identification.

The Presenter

Narayanan is head of Business Insights at ACCA. Narayanan has a global remit for the topics he covers and currently leads a range of research initiatives across diverse areas. These include ACCA’s work on Smart Cities, FinTech, blockchain and distributed ledgers, machine learning and the impact of technology on the future role of professional accountants in business and society. He represents ACCA on various government, industry and academic forums.


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