ACFE Austin

1. Associate Member with ACFE Austin Texas. You must be an associate member to write the ACFE examination to qualify for your CFE certification. You can remain an Associate member as long as you wish, and enjoy the benefits of Associate membership.

2. CFE member with Austin Texas. Once you pass your examination and are screened and accepted as a CFE graduate, your are a CFE member so long as you meet the continuing education requirements and remain of good character free of criminal charges and pay your annual dues.

3. Affiliate membership with an ACFE chapter. Persons who are not a CFE or Associate member with Austin, can join an ACFE chapter as an affiliate member. MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL_2014-2015

4. To learn about the Toronto chapter membership registration visit Austin CFE and Associate member application forms can be found on the ACFE-Austin website

5. A Student member is a person currently enrolled in a full time degree/diploma program at a university or college  recognized by the Directors. A student member is not entitled to vote or become a director or officer.

6. An Educator Associate is a member employed at an institute of higher learning as a primary means of employment.