Detecting Deception Two Day Workshop/Seminar – September 11 & 12, 2017 – Fraud Detection: Words Never Lie but People Do – Detecting deception in everyday communications

Getting truthful information is an integral part of any business environment. An overview of how linguistic lie detection is used in business, human resource and investigative areas will be presented that will help you become more effective in all your business relationships. As a session participant, you’ll learn the basics of information gathering and how to interpret the information you receive. You’ll also learn how linguistic lie detection techniques can be applied to a variety of high profile media cases to illustrate examples of deception

After this seminar participants will be able to:

  • Determine if a person is speaking truthfully or untruthfully.
  • Observe how often deception is used in the workplace.
  • Learn specific linguistic triggers that indicate deception.
  • Know what types of questions produce the most effective responses?
  • How Linguistic Lie Detection is used for human resources, audit and investigative areas.

Seminar approach

This seminar is completely interactive culminating with seminar participants analyzing a full statement and determining truthful and deceptive components.

Seminar participants will engage in group activities and discussion.

Topics within the seminar include:

  •  The Truth About Deception
  •  Deception: What is it?
  •  How do we detect it?
  •  Gathering information
  •  Introduction to Methodology Basics
  •  Statement Writing
  •  Basics of Statement Analysis
  •  Case Study
  •  Analysis of Case Study
  •  High Profile Media Cases
  • Day Two
  •  Review Methodology
  •  Case Study application
  •  Case Study Analysis
  •  Developing Questions and Strategies for Interviewing
  •  Case study
  •  Interview Questions and Strategies
  •  How to eliminate Truthful Responses when Investigating Large Groups

About the Trainer
Nejolla Korris is CEO of InterVeritas Intl Ltd. Her corporation provides lie detection analysis and training, social media risk training and consulting, social engineering awareness and integrity testing, interviewing and interrogation training and investigative services

Ms Korris is an international expert in the field of Linguistic Lie Detection. She is skilled in Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN), a technique that can determine whether a subject is truthful or deceptive. Korris has analyzed documents for fraud, international security, arson, sexual assault, homicide and missing persons’ cases, causing some of her clients to dub her the “Human Lie Detector.”

Korris has taught this methodology throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia & Africa. Her clients include corporations, government agencies, law enforcement and the military.
Nejolla has a BA in Law from Carleton University. She was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for her international work in linguistic lie detection. Ms. Korris writes a column in Edmontonians magazine entitled Civil Wars and is completing a book on deception in communications.

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