January 24, 2017 Dinner Meeting: “DEFENDING YOUR DIGITAL DATA” ……Presented by: RYAN DUQUETTE, MSc, CFE – Hexigent Consulting


Companies have tremendous motivation to protect their digital data, but what about the average person? As the Internet becomes more pervasive, we all become more vulnerable to hacks and viruses—but the good news is we have many ways to safeguard our personal information. As fraud investigators, you are often looking out for the welfare of your clients and others, but are you applying the same level of safeguards to your personal life. Join us as Ryan Duquette demonstrates some easy to understand and easy to implement ways to protect your digital data.


Ryan Duquette is passionate about digital forensics and with helping keep others from being victimized. He’s a seasoned digital forensic examiner with many years of experience in law enforcement and the private sector. He took his zest for “focusing on the facts” from his days in Law Enforcement and founded Hexigent Consulting, a firm focusing on digital investigations, cyber security consulting services and litigation support. Ryan works closely with clients involved in workplace investigations and civil litigation matters including intellectual property theft, HR investigation and data breaches. During his days in Law Enforcement, he conducted digital investigations on a variety of criminal cases including homicide, child pornography, fraud, missing persons, and sexual assault cases. He is a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Toronto teaching digital forensics, is a licensed Private Investigator and holds a Master of Science degree in Digital Forensics Management, and several digital forensics and fraud certifications. Ryan is a Director for the Toronto Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, has been qualified as an “expert witness” on numerous occasions, and is a frequent presenter at fraud, digital forensics, cybersecurity and investigative conferences worldwide.