April 2nd Dinner Meeting: The Future of Fraud Fighting

“How Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Continuous Disclosure and Business- Process Modelling Will Forever Change the Role of the Fraud Auditor”

Presented by JERRARD B. GAERTNER CPA, CA-IT, CISA, CISSP, CGEIT, CIPP/IT, CFI, CIA, I.S.P., ITCPAdjunct Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Ryerson University Lead Instructor and Group Academic Adviser (Big Data, Auditing/Finance), University of Toronto President, Canadian Information Processing Society, Ontario Co-Founder and COO, Digital Legacy Institute Co-Founder and SVP, Risk, Security and Compliance, Managed Analytic Services Inc. Federally Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy



We are entering a new era. With the coming together of computing power, cheap storage, pervasive Internet and new, large amounts of unstructured data, the doors of opportunity have opened for CFE’s and other auditors focused on the prevention, detection and even prediction of fraud. Certainly, opportunities and challenges abound to the adoption and incorporation of new anti-fraud technologies and techniques. Certainly, the bad guys will adapt (just as the creators of malware have done) and seek to leverage new technologies in support of their criminal activities. The battle lines are changing. Investigators must educate themselves, arm themselves with the newest methods and approaches and embrace change, or be overwhelmed by it as a data-oriented new paradigm shift emerges.

This session will address:

  • Fundamentals of big data and predictive analytics;
  • How financial record keeping and reporting will be affected by these technologies;
  • New way of preventing, detecting and predicting fraud;
  • New types of frauds just emerging, based on the big data paradigm.

The Presenter – Jerrard Gaertner, CPA, CA·IT, CISA, CGEIT, CIPP/IT, CISSP, CIA, CFI, I.S.P., ITCP, President of the Canadian Information Processing Society (ON), Vice President, Risk, Compliance and Security, at Managed Analytics Services Inc., a company he co-founded, and Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, at Ryerson University.

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